Open Publication Distribution System
Open Publication Distribution System

Why we created OPDS

The OPDS Working Group started this project in 2009 and has released several versions of its specification since then.

We created OPDS with the following things in mind:

Girl downloading book on her tablet

Easy to use

Today, every user expect to instantly browse, search and download content right from their device.

Sheeps trapped in fences from Apple, Amazon and Google ecosystems


Too often though, this ease of use comes at a huge cost: your own freedom to move from one platform to another.

You're not allowed to get anything in or out of these fences, and you don't actually own your content.

Street with a book retailer, a library and a university


In the physical world, we're used to acquire content from multiple places.

Purchasing is not the only option, we can also borrow or get a subscription.

Girl downloading books from book retailer, library and university

Open Publication Distribution System

With OPDS, you can access content from any source, on any device.

Any developer can create a client, any content provider can do distribution.

It's the best of both worlds: easy to use, yet open and decentralized.

Next step

Would you like to understand how it all works ? OPDS is based on three core features than anyone can understand.

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